We are a certified in network provider with Blue Cross insurance. I can also submit as an out-of-network provider with other insurance companies. 

I encourage  parents to contact their insurance company prior to their child’s first evaluation and/or treatment sessions to determine if they qualify for benefits. Having speech therapy benefits listed in your health plan doesn’t guarantee coverage. It may say that you are “eligible” for benefits however your plan may have exclusions and limitations. Common exclusions may include developmental speech and language delays, stuttering, lisps, articulation disorders, and learning disabilities. Coverage may be limited to “medical necessity” which is determined by your insurance company.

When calling your insurance company to determine if private speech therapy is a covered benefit please inform them that this is a freestanding private clinic (not a provider or hospital), and that I am certified appropriately.

Questions to Ask

Questions you may want to ask: (1) Under what circumstances is speech therapy covered? (2) What are the restrictions (age, number of visits, etc.) if any?