Rachel’s Story: Her Journey to Successful Speech and Reading 

Rachel’s Story: Her Journey to Successful Speech and Reading 


Rachel is a bright child with beautiful strawberry blonde hair, and a terrific smile. Rachel is 7 years old, she loves to talk, play soccer, and she has many friends. Rachel is extremely happy to have her puppy Max, and they play all the time.



Rachel however has great difficulty pronouncing the /r/ and /th/ sounds when she is talking. Rachel introduces herself saying “My name is Wachel” and you may hear her responding “Fank you for de cookies”. Rachel tries hard to say her sounds correctly, but she just isn’t able to do so. It is frequently difficult to understand what Rachel is saying. Additionally, Rachel greatly struggles trying to sound out new words when she is reading, and this consumes much of her energy and time during assignments.  Because of this, Rachel falls behind in her reading assignments at school, and misses the main ideas because of the difficulty decoding. Rachel sometimes feels frustrated.



Rachel’s parents were referred to Pathways to Speech and Reading where she has been attending. Rachel now produces the /r/ and /th/  sounds correctly, and Rachel is very happy to be able to say “My name is Rachel.”
Rachel’s family, friends and teacher can now understand what she is communicating. Additionally her decoding skills have improved greatly, and she is glad to be able to read with increased ease.  Rachel’s parents are extremely happy with the progress that Rachel has made. 



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Carol Ann Kennedy, M.S. CCC-SLP
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